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About Laurie Foote

After graduating with a BFA from Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in 1993, Laurie began to work in graphic design. Graphic design led her to interior design which in turn led her back to her first passion, painting. Laurie has always been inspired by clean forms and simple composition. She owns a farm in Mulmur Township, Ontario, and spends much of her time painting the beauty that surrounds her. Much of Foote’s work portrays rural life with a decidedly urban sensibility. Her images show glimpses of everyday life that tell a story, some that don’t have a conclusion.


Oil is her medium of choice and she has recently been experimenting with mylar as a canvas.

She also paints and shows with the North Toronto Group of Artists (NTGA) and the Purple Hills Arts and Heritage Society in Creemore.


Aside from painting, she loves to ski, snow shoe and walk her furry beasts daily! Veggie gardening, chicken tending and tennis are also a big part of her summer.


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